Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I register on the YMCA website?

YES. Regardless of the program you are signing up for, one run by the YMCA or one run by a 3rd party vendor, you will sign up on the YMCA website.


What is the difference between KidsU and After School Programs?

KidsU is staffed and run by the YMCA. This is a collection of back to back classes that keep children safely entertained and enriched for the whole afternoon after school. What used to be our PTSA run after school programs now fall under the umbrella of KidsU, but they are run by the vendors we have selected. The advantage is that the YMCA is responsible for all the duties our parent volunteers were previously doing (including now handling registration).


Can I sign up for vendor classes if my child is in KidsU / Enrichment Pass?

YES! You will be charged the additional cost of the program that you are signing up for.


Where will the classes be held?

The classes will still be at Samantha Smith, just as in the past. You will sign your children out at a central point, where the YMCA will have a staff member present to assist you. They will have signs at the front of the school to direct you.


Do I have to volunteer?

NO. In prior years we were completely reliant on parent volunteers to keep our programs running. Now we are no longer required to have a PTSA member present, so parents are no longer obligated to volunteer for each session.


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